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Tracking Satellites, time visible and more information

Nasa Home Page

Magazine free weekly with e-mail updates

Jet Propulsion Lab. The latest on Space

Sun (with real time photo) aurora, meter showers

Latest supernovae discoveries

Monthly sky charts and lists of objects

Magazine site supplying free daily news by e-mail


Beginner’s Guide to the Night Sky



Australian History and Poetry

Select the links below for John’s telling of episodes from our past:

2021 contributions:

Sister Elizabeth Kenny (7/3/21)

The Southern Cloud  (17-3-21)

HMS Victorious and the War Brides (18/6/21)

All about Bill Dobell(Pt1) (18/6/21)

William Dobell (Pt 2) (9/7/21)

Joice NanKivell Loch  (24/7/21)

Gallipoli Nurses (10/9/21)

Florence Taylor (1/10/21)

The Forgotten War (3/10/21)

Group Captain Clive Caldwell (13/10/21)

Group Captain Clive Caldwell Part 2 (20/10/2021)

The Pioneer Women of Australia (27/11/20210

2020 contributions:

Sandy Hollow Railway -Chapter 1 (28-03-2020)

Sandy Hollow Railway -Chapter 2 ( 01-04-2020)

Sandy Hollow Railway -Chapter 3 (05-04-2020)

Sandy Hollow Railway – Chapter 4 (12-4-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden_ Episode 1

The Rev. Samuel Marsden_ Episode 2 (29-4-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden_ Episode 3 (4-5-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden Episode 4  (9-5-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden Episode 5 (14-5-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden Episode 6  (In New Zealand) (18-5-2020)

The Rev. Samuel Marsden Episode 7 (with Daughters in NZ) (20-5-2020)

The Early Days  Episode 1

The Early Days  Episode 2

Bombers Over Grafton – 1942

Lola Montez

Anthony Hordern & Sons

Sydney Hospital

Sydney Hospital Part 2

The First To Fly In Australia

Mary Penfold

Submarine Attack on Sydney

Dr Agnes Lloyd Bennett

Marjorie Jackson-“The Lithgow Flash”

Fisher’s Ghost


The Capture of Damascus

Operation Exporter_Syria-Lebanon_WW2

A Very Merry Christmas