The membership fee for 2021 has been reduced to $40 for current members. The membership fee for NEW members in 2021 is $75. Pay your membership fee online, using your credit card or by PayPal.

Renewing your membership is done in two stages – Applying for Membership and Paying for Membership, and you can follow the steps involved by selecting the link  below. Step 11 in this Guide remains VITAL.  ONLY Exit the last payment page by scrolling down and selecting Return To Sellers Site“. This will ensure your membership is automatically updated.

Membership and Fee-Paying-with-PayPal Guide

OR              Text-only Version

The 12 illustrated steps  in this guide will help you to smoothly negotiate your way through the process. (New members will be helped by this guide also, though the first steps are a little different, as you are providing details for the first time. )

You will receive a receipt via email. This enables you to enrol in a  class when classes open January 13, 2021).

To join Coffs Harbour U3A, complete the online process by selecting one of the following choices:

If you are a Current or Past Coffs Harbour U3A member:



If you wish to become a new Coffs Harbour U3A member:

Coffs Harbour U3A Tutor’s Portal:


Some Important Dates to note:

On Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 all courses are officially open for enrolment online wherever you wish to access the website. An Enrolment Centre will also operate on that day, from 9.30 to 11.00 a.m. at the Cavanbah Centre in Harbour Drive. More details on how this centre will operate will be announced soon, but members attending will need to book a specific time.

New members for 2021 can join at any time from 7th December 2020 by choosing the “To become a new Coffs Harbour U3A member” option above.

email membership secretary